Each of our subscriptions will give you access to The Signature Series. Weekly new tutorial videos will be uploaded alongside mini video's, artist interviews, product reviews and live masterclasses. We have 2 subscription options:

Monthly Subscription

This subscription type runs monthly and will continue until you cancel. This subscription type allows you to watch all new uploads from the date you subscribe. Certain content under this subscription type may be locked. Upgrades to Annual subscriptions will be offered to unlock premium content and past videos. Simply cancel anytime before the next monthly payment is due to end your subscription. All videos uploaded during your active subscription will be available to watch for 4 weeks. Once the videos have expired, you will pay a rental fee to watch them again after the 4 week expiry. All past content is available to unlock for a rental fee. 

Annual Subscription

This subscription type is the ultimate access all areas package. All new weekly content plus all past content and masterclasses will be available for every annual subscriber. Annual subscribers will be invited to secret Live masterclasses, events, online interviews and more. 

All packages MUST be cancelled before expiry to avoid being charged for the next billing period.

Rental Options

We allow rental options for all of our past videos. All new content is available to subscribers only. Once content has been uploaded for 4 weeks it will become rentable for non-subscribers. Some Signature Stars premium content is rental only and not available within subscriptions. 

Free Trials

If you sign up to a free trial and do not wish to continue at the end, it is your responsibility to ensure the account is cancelled. If you do not cancel before your free trial is up, you will be charged a monthly subscription fee each month which will continue until cancelled. 

Only one free trial is permitted per subscriber.